Tax Information

Tax Information

Log in to your e-Services account and click on "Bills and Payment", then 1098-T Tax Form. Click the arrow next to the tax year that you need, then click Tax Form 1098-T. You do have to consent to receive the 1098-T electronically. If you have not done that, click on "Dashboard" for instructions on how to give consent.

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      The information you enter in the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) or on the IRS transcript request form must be entered exactly as it is on your tax return. The name, address, social and filing status must all be the same. If the information that you ...
    • Immunization form

      You can complete an Immunization form online from our website. Please make sure to attach any documentation necessary. If you are claiming a medical and/or conscientious exemption, you will be required to print the document, complete the form and ...
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      Please go to the Get Transcript page on the IRS web site.
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      If you have extenuating circumstances that prevented you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress, you can file an appeal. You can download Satisfactory Progress Appeal form. View more information on Riverland’s Satisfactory Progress Policy.
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      To request information on Riverland, including information on specific programs, athletics, student life, financial aid, student housing and much more, visit our website. You may also request information on the individual program pages under ...