How to request information about a specific program/major

How to request information about a specific program/major

To request information on Riverland, including information on specific programs, athletics, student life, financial aid, student housing and much more, visit our website. You may also request information on the individual program pages under "Academics" link on the Riverland web page. Click on a specific program and then fill out the form on the lower right side of the page.

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    • Programs offered

      You can see a list of our available programs on our website. Click on the name of the program to view more specific information such as courses, estimated tuition and fees and faculty contact information.
    • Change your major

      It is often best to visit with a Riverland counselor prior to making a change to your major, keeping in mind that frequent major changes often can affect financial aid. You can fill out a Change of Major form online. Click on "Change of Major" and ...
    • Program costs

      You can find information about additional program costs on our Tuitions & Cost  page. Scroll down to "Additional Program Costs" and select the program that you are interested in.
    • Nursing Program Deadline

      For current information on deadlines and requirements for our Nursing programs, please visit our RN and LPN program pages. Applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
    • When to make up a test

      It is the student's responsibility to find out if they have missed a test and learn if the instructor will allow a make-up test. Notify your instructor in advance if you plan to miss a test. Your instructor's contact information is listed on the ...