What if my course is not on the tutoring schedule?

What if my course is not on the tutoring schedule?

If your course is not on the schedule, you can submit an off-schedule tutoring request here https://www.riverland.edu/student-services/tutoring-services/off-schedule-tutor-request-form/ .  You will then be contacted when we are able to find a tutor for your course.
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    • Tutoring Locations

      Tutoring is located in-person in the Writing and Math Center, Austin East, Room N104.  You may also have a tutoring session in another location. When you sign up for an appointment, it will indicate the location in which to meet your tutor.  Tutoring ...
    • Selecting New Tutors

      Students who are interested in becoming a tutor can apply online. Go to the Tutoring Services webpage (https://www.riverland.edu/student-services/tutoring-services/)and select "Apply to be a Tutor”. You will receive your next steps after completing ...
    • Cost of Tutoring Services

      Tutoring is provided as a FREE service for students who are currently taking a Riverland course.
    • Tutoring Study Groups

      Study groups are organized by the Tutoring Services and led by peer tutors who are in the class. Contact the Tutoring Services for help in starting a Study Group for your course.  Tutoring Services Web Page
    • Tutoring Availability Times

      Riverland peer tutors are available in-person and online most week days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online tutoring is also available in the evening or on the weekend. Check the online appointment system for specific days and times. Tutor.com services are ...