Using Mediaspace links

Using Mediaspace links

1. Use your StarID credentials to log into
2. Check to see if your video is Unlisted or private. This example is Private:

If you video is already listed as Unlisted, proceed to step 8.
3. To change your video from Private to Unlisted, click on the name of the recording. In the above example, I'd click on Shawn Martin's Zoom Meeting.
4. This will take you to the video's page. Scroll down until you see Actions. Click the down arrow, then click Edit.

5. In the tabs just below the video, click Publish. You'll then be able to select Unlisted.

6. Click Save and wait until you see a green confirmation banner:

7. Click on your name in the top right of the window and select My Media:

8. Click on the name of your video, in this case, Zoom Session 2:

9. Below your video and transcription, you'll find three tabs. Choose Share:

10. Copy the provided link:

You can now paste the link to your video to any document or field you need to.

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